June 15-18, 2023 | Wildwood, NJ | On the BeachJune 15-18, 2023Wildwood, NJ | On the Beach

BCMF 2022 Map Released!

When we told y’all we were bringing a Honky Tonk Paradise to the beaches of Wildwood, NJ I bet ya wondered what that would look like?!  Well, now you’ll know!  Check out the Barefoot Country Music Fest Map exclusively on the BCMF App!


Download the app now and register your wristbands!  Then head over to the ‘Maps’ tab and check out the fest grounds map to see what all we have goin’ on!


You’ll find all the locations of all the bars, food, stages, bathrooms and more in one convenient place.  You’ll also be able to use the map to get around the fest grounds while using your GPS.  With all this fun, we know it’s easy to get turned around, so don’t head to the fest without the app and map!

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