June 20-23, 2024 | Wildwood, NJ | On the BeachJune 20-23, 2024Wildwood, NJ | On the Beach

#BCMFBeKind Movement

You know, they say a lot about good things. Good things come to those who wait, good things come in small packages and more good stuff we’ve all heard before. Well, good things are coming to you this year! Whenever you least expect it, you might just receive the gift of a lifetime from that new friend you made in the crowd, a security officer, someone on our social media team or even an artist in disguise!

From ticket upgrades and prize packs to backstage tours, it pays to be kind at BCMF. Imagine you let someone in front of you to get a better view of the stage or maybe you are super polite to the bartender who fixed your drink when suddenly, they hand you upgrades to VIP or Super VIP! We’ve gotten approval to give away 300 prizes and experiences to make your weekend extra great. That means roughly 1 in 100 fans will be rewarded just for being kind!

So, remember, you have the power to make BCMF extra great – all you have to do is #BCMFBeKind! Our team is ready to do our part to make this the best first year for BCMF because we have nothing but LOVE for our fans. We’re asking you to help us get those positive vibes flowing for the weekend by shrugging off the small stuff and focusing on the good things that happen around you!

Here’s what you can do to get yourself on the good list at BCMF!

  • Smiling at others
  • Being kind to someone
  • Sporting positive vibes (crazy hair & outfits, anyone?)
  • And more!

For some extra points, be sure to post your smiling faces with your location often (and maybe let us know who your favorite artist is, too 😉) using #BCMFBeKind and tag us on all our social pages. Keep in mind we might not be able to see your posts if your account is private.

We love you guys and we are so JACKED to be able to party with you soon!

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