June 15-18, 2023 | Wildwood, NJ | On the BeachJune 15-18, 2023Wildwood, NJ | On the Beach

Some Good Preaching from Our Stage Production

Just a few months ago I got to witness this insanely talented man, Eric Church, do his thing at our sister fest in SC. When you’re in the industry, it takes a lot to make you pause and look up from your tasks. Working the back-of-house at an event, you just don’t get to see a show from the crowd perspective. No time to pause in a 16 hour day, much less watch a show when you’re running one.

However, when Eric Church took the stage, the crowd went to another level. The sand was vibrating back stage and my pod (aka a heavy steel trailer brought in on a tractor trailer) was shaking. His energy was SO big that I had to stop and come look at this musical beast for myself. Not only did he play every single song with his whole heart like I’ve never seen from any other artist, he couldn’t stop.

He was so happy, so in his element, so in love with the fans, that he played well past his time. He got in the crowd and took shots with fans, happily signed their hats, boots and anything they put in front of him. Well, almost. Haha. He fist bumped, high fived and took selfies with many, all while singing to the top of his lungs. He never missed a beat. Even when bras started piling up on the thrust (the part of the stage that comes out into the crowd) he kept going. He even caught one while singing. I legit wondered if those girls were throwing the Walmart bras or the Victoria’s Secret bras. Bras are expensive! I laughed. I cried. Not only at him but at the fans, who were in a trance just like me. It was unbelievable. Every single song was just as good as the first one.

I’m counting down the days until he plays ‘Springsteen’ on the beach in Wildwood, NJ. I’m clocking out.


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