June 15-18, 2023 | Wildwood, NJ | On the BeachJune 15-18, 2023Wildwood, NJ | On the Beach

Talk to me Goose! I mean, ROOSTER!

Hold me baby, Miles Teller aka Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw from the new Top Gun: Maverick movie was spotted in Cape May, NJ wearing our official BCMF 2022 merch. To say the least, we were SHOCKED! Can y’all believe this stud knows about us?

Talk to me, Goose! I mean, ROOSTER! Goodness. Talk about what a Christmas present to open Instagram and our Barefoot Country Music Fest sweatshirt is the star of the day – on his body…

How did that darling even get one? Was he there? That particular BCMF sweatshirt sold out in hours.

Rooster, if you happen to see this, we want to be your WINGMAN! Hit us up.

You never know who you’re gonna see at Barefoot Country Music Fest!

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