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What is First Friday Fest Frenzy?

If you’re waiting for the first headliner to be announced to buy, get your fingers on the button to get your tickets before the next pricing tier kicks in! We suspect it will hit right after the 8 am announcement during our annual Friday Fest Frenzy.

First Friday Fest Frenzy is an annual event every year when we announce the first headliner of the new fest year. This Friday, August 12 is that day and we want to make it easy for you! Each pricing tier has a certain number of tickets available before it hits the next price increase. During a headliner announcement, these tiers might jump 2-3 times in the same day.

Top 10 Helpful Tips for 8 AM, Friday, August 12:

  1. IF you think you might want to upgrade, immediately email info@BCMF.com with your first and last name and ticket order no. Go ahead and draft up this email and be ready to hit send.
  2. Have your tickets already in your cart before the first headliner is announced.
  3. Decide in advance if you’re going to do the payment plan or pay in full.
  4. Confirm with your fest gang who is going if you’re responsible for buying the tickets. If you’re waiting on folks to say yes or no at 8:01 am, set a time they have to confirm by – say: 8:05 am, everyone on the group chat as to turn in their answer.
  5. Only 10 tickets can be purchased at a time, per account, so be prepared – we recommend one person for communications and one to purchase.
  6. Make sure your mailing address is where you want your wristbands to ship to when you buy your tickets. They ship out in May of 2023.
  7. Allocate at least 30 minutes for buying tickets and it might take longer – to be safe, make work arrangements to be a little late or get your most reliable bestie to get these tickets for you!
  8. Think of the ticket buying website this Friday like Garden State Parkway at 5 pm. It might take a bit but don’t leave the queue, you could lose that price point!
  9. Have a strong internet connection and your credit card ready, or card(s) if you’re designated to buy for others – be sure you know the correct billing address and zip per card if you’re the designated buyer!
  10. Purchase a case of Miller on Thursday for the frig so it’s cold and ready for the celebratory (WE GOT OUR TICKETS!) par-tay!



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